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When you become a member of My Wholesale Group, you will be able to order directly through the wholesale channels we use.

To put it simply, the supply chain between grower - wholesaler - retailer - customer is broken down to just grower to customer. You order with us, we bring it to you. Simple.

As a result, the prices you pay are often considerably cheaper than main retailers. This is because we cut out the reasons for the expense like huge staff bills and rents. 

Furthermore, the quality of the products you receive are far and away above almost anything you will find on the high street. Our products are brought to you directly from the very people who have just cultivated them.

We believe that great quality products should be accessible to everyone - and not with the huge price tags you often find accompanying them.

C15 - C20 New Covent Garden Market
Nine Elms Lane, Nine Elms, London SW8 5BH

0207 101 5003

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